Organisation: integrative cure and care and facilitated self-organisation

A health care system that facilitates self-steering and self-healing is based on an integral view of the human being. Diagnoses go beyond the physical aspects and also include psychological and spiritual elements (body and being). Treatments often include preventive, complementary and ‘alternative’ practices, and go hand in hand with changes toward healthy living. Dialogue is the key to determine the most appropriate course of action. The crux of organising health becomes supporting and coaching the individual. Activating prevention focused on life style changes, facilitating health-promoting activities, and supporting self-organisation become key elements of health care. Production-based economic incentives are replaced by quality-based criteria. Cure and care services consist of integral diagnoses and support delivered close to home, in combination with efficient and effective specialist care available on demand. Local communities become a cornerstone to take care of and support each other.

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