Responsibility: self-steering and self-healing

The meaning of health (perspective 1) requires an active role of each individual to become and remain healthy. Awareness of our state of being is a prerequisite. All health cure and care related services have the role of activating this process and increasing the felt responsibility by the individual. Hence, this new definition implies a new frame of mind for both physician and patient. The old disease focused and hierarchical paradigm of prescription and taking care of the patient is being replaced by a health-focused orientation, in which the dialogue between the patient and the physician is the point of departure for a joint process and shared responsibility towards health and quality of life. As soon as the patient takes on more responsibility for his own self-healing and well-being, the physician is required to give his compassionate support next to his technical expertise. Self-steering therefore requires a more individualized and holistic approach towards disease management, health and well-being. Both physician and patient have to be educated to adopt this view and way of living and working.

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