Program Next Session: 11 April

How would  an integral diagnosis look like (in the future)? What am I doing differently in the world of Health 3.0?

As you all know, we are working with a diverse group of pioneers in Health Innovation Lab on three elements:

  • A vision on the formation and maintenance of good health (prevention, cure and care)
  • Collecting and initiating prototypes who can accomplish this vision
  • View on experiences related to the personal leadership

After collectively creating the first version of a vision in November 2011 and an inspirational prototype day on location Hogewey at Weesp on Februari 17th recently, the next vision session is planned on 11th of April.

Personal leadership and Vision on Health 3.0 are the core elements these days. The program is going to be divers and experience oriented with valuable insights for everyone in which we expect a collective step forward again.

Practical issues & content of the program

We start on Wednesday April 11th at 10:00 o’clock and will work till approximately 19:30. We will have diner after 19:30. The location is; SIBIZ meeting&events at Oudekerk aan de Amstel.

Wednesday morning Walter Link, leadership specialist from San Francisco, will let us experience how to make contact with someone else at three different levels. The following questions will be discussed:

  • How does my ‘inner condition’ influence the work I’m doing?
  • How do I integrate spirituality in a ‘Western’ way into my work?
  • What can we learn of indigenous medical science from for instance: Brazil and India?

Wednesday afternoon, we will build forward on insights and themes from the morning. We will gain experience with each other through different integrative methods. How is the condition of our own health, and what do we experience if we observe it from different sights? Therefore we will explore the statement of William O’Brien where states that: “The success of intervention will be determined by the inner condition of the one who intervenes.”

Request: We already have a few nice examples. However, we are still searching for workshops with a combination of regular and (alternative) complemented care that can diagnose the degree and quality of health on several individuals in a short time. Do you want to implement your working method or do you know something that fits, than we would be pleased if you could you let us know.

We count €250 a day. This is excluding VAT, but including diner.

You can register by e-mailing Jouk. Her e-mail address is: In case you know people who might find this session interesting, please do not hesitate contacting us because so we can send them an invitation.

We are looking forward to see you on the 11th of April!

Warm regards on behalf of the team of Health Innovation Lab,


Michiel Westra

Jouk van Dam

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  1. hein February 26, 2012 at 8:54 pm #

    Some background information on Walter Link:
    1. As part of his work to advance societal innovation and transformation
    across many sectors, Walter was deeply involved in supporting the emergence
    of integrative medicine around the world.
    2. For example he worked with leading teaching universities and hospitals,
    such as Einstein in New York to integrate complimentary medical teachings
    across their mainstream curriculum.
    3. He worked with the largest medical school in Panama not only to advance
    integrative medicine but also to support the valuing of indigenous culture
    which is widely considered second class in Latin America, where he therefore
    also co-created the first ever integrative medicine conference for all the
    ministers of health of the region, which led to concrete policy initiatives.
    4. At the outset of the HIV/AIDS crisis, when treatment options were few and
    death and social rejection frequent Walter was one of the first to offer
    deep psycho-spiritual support practice work via the Deutsche Aids Hilfe to
    patients and their doctors and nurses helping them to face tremendous
    suffering and death while also opening into the inner healing that is
    possible within such crises.
    5. In that and many other contexts Walter has supported health professionals
    to integrate their professional skill with their humanity, which allows them
    not only to become more successful healers but also happier human beings who
    don’t burn out and instead inspire people that another way of life and
    medicine is possible.

    We’re happy that Walter is able to facilitate the morning of April 11. It will be highly experiential

  2. hein February 26, 2012 at 9:13 pm #

    Barbara Kerstens heeft voor de komende bijeenkomst haar prototype aangemeld dat bijdraagt aan de kwaliteit van leven. Zij ontwikkelde het samen met Duinlust waar UNOO kantoor houdt

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