Leadership and prototypes

On Wednesday 11th of April we had another Health Innovation Lab session on Leadership. Furthermore we spend some time on the prototypes as well. Again it was an inspiring meeting together with Walter Link, who joined us.

With the whole group of thirty people, we started off in a big circle and Hein opened the event by welcoming us all.

The people that joined Health Innovation Lab shortly introduced themselves. Later on there were much more opportunities to connect and exchange further.

Hein continued by summarising the current status of Health Innovation Lab. Both in the session in December 2010 and the session in November 2011, we worked with Otto Scharmer and used Theory U to deepen our understanding on the change needed in healthcare. In TheoryU, Otto describes four levels of how leadership responds to change:

  1. Reacting : quick fixes
  2. Redesigning : policies
  3. Reframing : values, beliefs
  4. Regenerating : sources of commitment and energy

Health Innovation Lab works on the reframe and regenerate level. It’s an invitation for transformation. We are looking for initiatives that stand for a sustainable healthcare system. Some examples:

Up until now, we have 120 people participating from 61 organisations. Health Innovation Lab has three focus areas: VisionLeadershipPrototypes

Today on leadership

Be the change – Leadership, a day of rest for you. Just go with the flow.
Walter Link, best coaches in the world, introduced us to: Listening / Practice / Open Engagement.

Walter Link: healing relationships to unleash our potential


According to Walter, it’s about relationships, but as a group, he already invited and motivated us to start practising.

There is so much more happening. Being together has an impact.

We can feel in our body and energy.

Pay attention to yourself! Instead of moving towards the other as we often do in relating. But why not also including ourself.

We go to nature, to certain restaurants, because it FEELS good

Keep paying attention to the field & yourself.

According to Walter, when we respond angry to someone that is frustrating us, we are practising an old pattern. But we could also react differently. We develop ourselves through practice, but we also need open engagement and have a beginners / explorers mind.

Mediation = paying attention to what is happening right now!

It’s not enough to have a good idea, it has to work! We need to keep practising until it works. Ideology is over.

Walter introduced us to five levels of relationship:

  1. Self
  2. Other: patient, clients, etc
  3. Other: us as innovators
  4. Healing approaches (We cannot just add methods together, their basics need to match.)
  5. Integrate in mainstream

He explained evolution has two main forces:

  • Development
  • Status quo

If we open de window long enough and open our view, we can see that things have changed.

He told us about the explorers club where change started in small circles, helping each other but also have the same drive for improving the world. Change always starts with a few people and in the end these are streams that come together! We kind of experienced the same in our ‘social presencing theather’ on the 10th of November, where we saw that change starts off in the periphery.

Walter asked us about the the qualities that are the basis of good relationships:

  • Equality
  • Aware
  • Authentic + Honest
  • Kind + Compassion
  • Interest
  • Understanding
  • Respect + Discern
  • Available + Curious
  • Spiritual connection
  • No judgement + Trust
  • Openness

“It’s beautiful isn’t it?”

He suggested we could add courage.

We closed of the morning session by practising how to apply this on ourselves. That was a special experience, at least to me it was. Being connected and still being with yourself.

Lunch & Workshops

After lunch in the afternoon in two rounds, we had several parallel workshops:

  • Chinese medicine – Yan Schroen
  • Heart coherence – Judith van Kampen
  • Inquiry – Walter Link
  • Patient empowerment / Re-Balancing – Frans Rahusen
  • QiCong/energy – Max Tack
  • Quantum Response scancoaching – Marko van der Beek & Daniel Zavrel


In the second part of the afternoon we worked on the prototypes that were submitted through the website.

First we had a dialogue with Barbara about “Seize the day for breast cancer patients.”

After that we had presentations on three more initiatives:

Anja – Heelheid.nu

Tankja – Summerschool

Egbert – Spark

We split up in three groups to discuss things further and help Anja, Tanja and Egbert with the question they asked to the audience.

Personally I was really touched by the personal story shared by Tanja why she and the others decided to organise the Summerschool. At school they are tought not to take things personal. In the Summerschool they do! You can follow @healthlss on Twitter, check their Healthcare Leadership Summerschool Facebook page or visit their website: http://www.healthlss.com/

Reflections & Way forward

Even though the room was still full of energy, we reflected on the day by answering two questions:

  1. What did today bring you?
  2. What can you do to bring Health Innovation Lab further?

First we did this individually by ourselves and secondly we exchanged about this in smaller groups.

I’m already looking forward to the next event and I am keen on helping the students organising the Summerschool.

Best regards,

Lars Rengersen



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  1. Jouk van Dam April 23, 2012 at 6:07 am #

    Mooi Lars! Prachtig verslag en mooie foto’s. Geeft gevoel er een beetje bij te zijn geweest.

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