Participants visit prototypes that contain possible building blocks for the vision and they are invited to start new prototypes together.

On 15 september 2011, a prototype meeting took place at TNO where we explored different perspectives on Health and Health care. Click here  for more information of this session. On 17 february 2012, we had another inspiring prototype session at the innovative location: Verpleeghuis Hogewey of Vivium Healthcare. Click here for more information of this session.

Below you find some examples of potential prototypes in the field we can visit during the prototypes meetings.  These potential prototypes should have a relation with (some of) the six Health 3.0 perspectives we described during the two day vision session on 10/11 november 2011. For more inforation about these perspectives: click here.

Do you know an initiative that is relevant for sharing or do you want to develop a prototype? Please let us know on this page.



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