Vision 3.0

This vision is the outcome of a series of activities organized by Health Innovation Lab. The vision has been formulated in six perspectives that invite for further dialogue and have the potential to be explored through prototypes. This is a living document and is updated based on further insights. Therefore we invite you to join the discussion on each topic.

Perspective 1: Defining Health: exploring the meaning of an illness

Being healthy and feeling well is a gift of life. Living in good health requires continuous attention and care. >> Read more and join the dialogue!

Perspective 2: Responsibility: self-steering and self-healing

The above-mentioned meaning of health requires an active role of each individual to become and remain healthy. Awareness of our state of being is a prerequisite. >> Read more and join the dialogue!

Perspective 3: Organisation: integrative cure and care and facilitated self-organisation

A health care system that facilitates self-steering and self-healing is based on an integral view of the human being. Diagnoses go beyond the physical aspects and also include psychological and spiritual elements (body and being). >> Read more and join the dialogue!

Perspective 4: Education & media: awakening!

Succeeding in this proposed shift takes an immense change of the view we all have on health and well-being. The awareness that health is no longer based on fixing a malfunction by an external authority requires a broad awakening. >> Read more and join the dialogue!

Perspective 5: Innovation: entrepreneurship

Opening up the current system requires a path of change from a tight government controlled system with enforced solidarity to an open system based on individual responsibility with sufficient safety nets. >> Read more and join the dialogue!

Perspective 6: Leadership: transparency & prototypes

Who leads the path? We all do. It is highly likely that the established parties are not the first movers. >> Read more and join the dialogue!

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