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Early notices of prototypes


Europese Kwaliteitsprijs voor Pieter de Kroon

Pieter de Kroon, voormalig CEO Van Boeijen, heeft in Zweden de “European Quality Leader Award 2013”  ontvangen voor zijn werk met ROL: Regie op Locatie. Deze EQL Award wordt jaarlijks toegekend door de EOQ. Een EOQ “Quality Leader”  is een leidinggevende in een organisatie die erin is geslaagd  de organisatie  succesvol te maken voor alle belanghebbenden […]

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Empathy in Healthcare

The past months Lidewij Niezink, Lara van der Veen and Hein Dijksterhuis have been working on a training course around empathy in Healthcare. We have developed a beautiful pilot program and discussed it already with the Insurance Company Achmea. We are excited and looking forward to the delivery for a very reasonable price since its’ […]

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Vitality in Organizations

We teamed up with the HumanCapitalGroup, Hans Trommel, and TempoTeam, Maud Klis, to organize roundtable meetings about Vitality in organizations. Key question of the dialogue was how to increase the vitality, knowing that our employees will grow older (in 2030 more employees above 45 years than beneath), there is a recession with lay offs and […]

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Developments Health 3.0

The prototype “Mindfulness for doctors in training” at ROC Twente will begin in the autumn 2011! This pilot will help doctors in training to communicate more mindfull with themselves as well with their patients and colleagues. We will continue to process the outcomes of this initiative. In the next few months, several meetings with Health initiatives and sponsors and funding institutions […]

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