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Our competitor in the States: Leading Health Care Innovation!

Leading Health Care Innovation, a collaboration of the editors of the Harvard Business Review and theNew England Journal of Medicine, is an eight-week online forum devoted to helping leaders, managers, and others in health care increase value by improving patient outcomes and reducing costs. For more information:

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20 november: Kwaliteit in de gehandicaptenzorg, geen HKZ maar…

20 november 2013 organiseren we een dag samen met Siza, Agis en Menzis over de toekomst van Kwaliteit en Verantwoording in de zorg voor mensen met een beperking. Er vinden ingrijpende veranderingen plaats in de financiering en verantwoording van de zorg. Met alle stakeholders gaan we hier het gesprek over aan. Vooruitstrevende zorginstellingen, zorgkantoren, verzekeraars, […]

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Proefschrift Franca Warmenhoven over depressie in laatste levensfase

Felicitaties voor Franca bij de succesvolle verdediging van haar proefschrift! Hieronder vind je een korte samenvatting van haar werk van de afgelopen jaren. Depressie in de laatste levensfase: Normaal verdriet of depressieve stoornis?  Er wordt verondersteld dat depressie vaak voorkomt bij patiënten in hun laatste levensfase (palliatieve fase) en dat een depressie de resterende levenskwaliteit […]

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Walter Link will join us April 11!

This will be our 6th meeting in the project that we started with UNOO and TNO one and a half years ago. We have developed a vision on the future of Health, visited and initiated prototypes and worked on our personal leadership development. Upcoming meeting we have contracted Walter Link. He is one of the best coaches in […]

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HealthCare Leadership Summerschool looking for sponsors

64 international students will gather in The Netherlands this summer to dive into ‘a personal journey towards changing healthcare.’ It will be a 6 day experiential conference in August. Their vision: ‘Healthcare needs to change, therefore we need to change. With our initiative, we try to give young professionals and students the building bricks they […]

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An interesting example of another way of communicating

Recently one of my colleagues, Michiel Kahmann, spotted this initiative called: Frieslab. It’s an interesting example of how to communicate differently in the Health care. They work on the basis of bottlenecks in care and service. By having a lot of conversations with health care providers, administrators and citizens they trace these bottlenecks. Received bottlenecks […]

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