Hein Dijksterhuis

Together with Jan van der Greef (TNO) I started this project in december 2010. I’ve been suffering from heart problems since 2002. Despite an operation the traditional Western way of healthcare did not improve my health. I tried Chinese methods like acupuncture and terrible tasting teas, spiritual retreats and was able to heal myself in […]

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Methodology and approach

Health Innovation Lab has three main focus areas: Vision 3.0 – Prototypes – Leadership Only by making a difference on all three levels, real change can happen. This is how Otto Scharmer summarised it in December 2010.

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Leadership: transparency & prototypes

Who leads the path? We all do. It is highly likely that the established parties are not the first movers. ‘Movements’ create societal change. We see an increasing amount of ‘activists’ who aspire the shift and wish to contribute. By being the change, connecting to each other and demonstrating it can be done differently. You […]

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Innovation: entrepreneurship

Opening up the current system requires a path of change from a tight government controlled system with enforced solidarity to an open system based on individual responsibility with sufficient safety nets. Less regulation combined with a clearly expressed vision leads to broader boundaries allowing more diverse and segmented approaches to emerge and creates space for […]

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Education & media: awakening!

Succeeding in this proposed shift takes an immense change of the view we all have on health and well-being. The awareness that health is no longer based on fixing a malfunction by an external authority requires a broad awakening. We envision awareness programmes in schools, work places, health care institutes and via the public and […]

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Organisation: integrative cure and care and facilitated self-organisation

A health care system that facilitates self-steering and self-healing is based on an integral view of the human being. Diagnoses go beyond the physical aspects and also include psychological and spiritual elements (body and being). Treatments often include preventive, complementary and ‘alternative’ practices, and go hand in hand with changes toward healthy living. Dialogue is […]

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